Sunday, July 5, 2015

Stop smashing cakes!

Ottawa photographer's cake smash LINK
I might be the only mother in the world who feels this way, but I hate the "cake smash" photo trend.

Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

The idea: You take a small cake and let your one-year-old smash it to bit, getting maybe a little bit in their mouth, to get some "cute" photos.

My problems with it: I hate food-on-your-face photos, even of children. I rarely think, "That dirty child is so adorable." Even my own children. I have taken photos of my two children with food on their faces - and that's where it ends. I don't share it with others, I don't post it to social media. It's gross to me. Food is meant to look pretty on a plate or be delicious in my tummy.

You're wasting perfectly good cake. There are starving children in this world, yet we think it's funny and cute to let our child destroy cake? That's kind of messed up when you think about it. I would kinda be OK if you were letting them destroy a cupcake. But people make small cakes specifically to have them smashed. I am a lover of food - I hate to see if smashed to bits simply for the sake of photos.

Which brings me to ... you're wasting money. Now, it's your money so who am I to say you're wasting it, but often for these cake smashes, people hire a photographer to take the photos. You look at the photos once when you get them, you share them to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram and then ... what do you do with them? I'll also point out buying a cake just to destroy it is a waste of money and not just cake.

That's all to say, do what you want. I saw yet another cake smash in my Facebook feed today and I just felt the need to write about it.

As an aside, my "news you can use" really didn't work out because on Friday, we did a day trip somewhere and I neglected it. So, yeah ... sorry about that.

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