Friday, July 10, 2015

Food Friday - butter tarts

A batch of butter tarts I made recently.
I am not much of a cook, but I was thinking I'd like to start sharing recipes I have discovered that I like and that my family has enjoyed.

But rather than start with a delicious meal, I'm going to start with a baked good - butter tarts.

I LOVE butter tarts. I love 'em so much.

And I make a pretty mean butter tart.

I use this recipe from Mennonite Girls Can Cook (although if I make them for co-workers, I use veg shortening instead of lard because I had a couple of colleagues who were vegetarians).

I do make a couple of changes to the recipe:

- I roll out the dough, cut it, then roll it out a bit more. I prefer a thin-ish crust for my butter tarts

- I double the filling recipe - I find I need to when I make two dozen tarts


- use parchment paper in the muffin tins to easily lift the tarts out

- avoid recipes that use corn syrup - it causes a runny filling that will get all over whoever is eating it.

- the crust recipe makes more than you'll need, so I'll either freeze it until I want to make more tarts (freeze it as a ball, not cut out - I find the dough dries out too much when I try cutting it then freezing it) or I'll make a pie. Because I also loooooove pie.

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