Wednesday, July 1, 2015

News you can use - July 1

Do you know this woman? She doesn't know herself and is
looking for help figuring out her identity.
One thing I want to do daily is a brief top (often five) stories you, as a parent, may want/need to know each day but, frankly, might not have time to read the full stories. It will often have a Canadian slant (especially with a federal election coming up this fall). 

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Another church with a predominately black congregation has burned to the ground in the southern U.S. Fire crews were called to Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Church late Tuesday. The cause of the fire is unknown; however, officials are considering arson after at least five other black churches have been set ablaze since June 17, when a gunman shot and killed nine people in a Charleston church. Read more on CNN

Smoke is currently covering much of Saskatchewan due to forest fires in that province and Alberta. The smoke has even started extending into the U.S. The fires have meant 3,000 people in northern communities have had to leave their homes. Read more on CBC

A California woman who gave birth in a remote area alone and then was stranded started a forest fire that ended up saving her life. Amber Pangborn told a local TV station she gave birth Thursday and started the fire in Plumas National Forest on Saturday to get the attention of first responders. Read more on

A woman who may be from Australia is asking the public for help to figuring out her identity. Known as Sam for now, the woman was found in California on Feb. 1, but she has no memories. Doctors have said a large tumour may be to blame for her memory loss. Visit her Facebook page.

Bye-bye, Beniffer. Super Hollywood couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner, who have been together for 10 years, have announced they're getting a divorce. The couple says the split is amicable. Read more on People.

The U.S. has moved on to the Women's FIFA World Cup final and will face either England or Japan. Read more at ESPN Meanwhile, FIFA president Sepp Blatter has said he will not travel to Vancouver for Sunday's final because of "personal reasons." Maybe those personal reasons are ongoing corruption allegations. Read more on BBC

Finally, this isn't news, but today is Canada Day! Woot woot! I love Canada Day - fireworks, beer and a fun family event at our city's biggest park. Enjoy it, eh?

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