Friday, September 25, 2015

Food Friday: Granola

I make my own granola at home and it is delicious, if I do say so myself.

I use Ina Garden's recipe as my base - I always have oats, raw pumpkin (pepitas) seeds, sliced almonds and chia seeds. Sometimes I add some raw cacao to give it a hint of chocolate.

For the fruit, any dried fruit works, but my husband particularly likes cranberries and apricots.

PS - sorry I was rather terrible at these Food Friday things, too. I really am a shitty blogger!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My Bubble Guppies theory

My daughter likes the Bubble Guppies. While it is a cute show, it annoys me to no end that they are afraid of heights or falling off a cliff when THEY CAN JUST SWIM OUT OF IT!


Recently I read this article about Dora and it inspired me to share my theory about the Bubble Guppies.

Theory: The Bubble Guppies are orphans after their parents all died in some major tragedy and Mr. Grouper is their guardian.

(For the record, my husband thinks my theory is nuts.)

So, my longer theory: The parents of the Bubble Guppies are never mentioned or seen. I suspect it is because they all died in some town tragedy. It would explain how everyone in town seems to know these six children, but the children don't know them. For example, in The Beach Ball episode, Sandy says hi to Molly and Gill by name, but as the two children go off to school, they say that it was nice to meet Sandy.

It could also explain how the Bubble Guppies have all kinds of experiences where they are cheered on by the whole town. Children throwing a rock concert? Opening a restaurant? A go-kart race? Conducting a marching band (and some ducks)? Fishketball (a game that makes zero sense)? In a normal town, the only people showing up for these things are parents. In the land of Bubble Guppies, everyone is there cheering on the children.

Also, they can never just attend an event. They have to be the performers in the circus. They open the Shrimptennial despite not being shrimp. They are in the trucks at the monster truck show.

Mr. Grouper is their guardian: He never needs permission slips to take the Guppies camping or to Big Bubble City. He also bought them a dog.

I believe they live in the building - their group home - where the show is set, but that the children are able to go for a morning walk - that's why sometimes the pairs are changed up when there are two Guppies.

As part of their therapy following the loss of their parents, the Guppies are encouraged to sing and play out stories to work through their issues.

I enjoy Googling theories about children's shows as my daughter watches. Did you also know there is Bubble Guppies fan fiction? Fact.

ETA: Apologies for the look of this post - I tried to post it on my phone but the app didn't like that I tried to add a photo. Then I had to cut and paste into email, then cut and paste into this and, well, I don't want to go through the HTML to correct everywhere it says "background colour white." So, yeah. Sorry.