Saturday, October 4, 2014

Sick and pregnant

Yes, this image from is how I feel.
I am not sick of being pregnant. Not yet. But I do have a cold. And that super duper sucks.

While I know there are some things I can take, the drugs I would normally take to combat this evilness are off limits given I am "with child." Fine, fair enough, but with this cold going on two weeks now, I've just about had it.

Well-meaning friends and family offer advice. Suck on candied ginger, my mom said. Drink lemon and honey with hot water, a friend said. Get plenty of rest, my doctor said during my last OB appointment.

All pretty good advice is this were just a normal cold. But right now my right ear is plugged up and when I speak, it sounds like I'm underwater (at least to me - I don't think I'm gurgling to other people). My nose is stuffed up. And the cough ... fuck, the cough is the worst. I think I actually pulled a muscle in my side from coughing.

And while I understand it's rare, I am terrified the hacking cough I have will result in my water breaking far too soon.

I want to do exactly what the woman in the photo with this post is doing - bury my head under a pillow until it's all over.

If only I could.

Instead, I muster through. I try to relax when I can and hope it will blow over soon. I am hoping to be free of most symptoms by next weekend. It's Thanksgiving, after all, and I want to be able to taste my turkey and pumpkin pie.

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