Thursday, August 28, 2014

Oh god, teething

How is it we have not evolved as humans to the point where teething doesn't hurt?

Our daughter, M, has been working on her eye teeth for what feels like forever.

Last weekend was the worst its been in a long time - frequent wakings, crying, and she was just not herself at all.

I hate teething not because of what my daughter becomes during the process, but because I feel rather helpless. Of course, like any parent, if I could take on that pain for her I would. I can give her some children's pain medication, but it doesn't seem to help for long.

And why must teething be joined by cold-like symptoms? The cough, the runny nose ... I mean, come on already, evolution. This is completely unnecessary. Just like wisdom teeth (which so many of us have to have removed anyway). Some people don't get wisdom teeth, yet teething still has to hurt?

Thankfully, M is starting to feel more like herself again, although the teeth have yet to actually break through the gums. Fingers crossed things go better for our wee girl.

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